Stump Grinding

Say Goodbye to Your Old Tree Stump

Schedule stump removal services in La Porte, Deer Park or Baytown, TX

Tree stumps can be a serious eyesore in your yard. Thanks to Evergreen Tree Service, you won't have to see them forever. We offer stump removal services in the La Porte, Deer Park and Baytown, TX area. When you call our team, you won't have to wait long for your tree stump to be completely removed from your property.

You can get a free estimate on your tree stump grinding services by calling 832-643-6215 today.

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Find out more about our stump removal process

We make it easy to get rid of your unwanted stump. You can expect our team to:

  • Bring in a tree stump grinding machine to grind down your stump
  • Remove every trace of your stump from your yard
  • Offer you the option to fill the hole with wood chips or add new dirt and sod for an additional cost
We can even grade and resod your land to give it a seamless look. Reach out to us today to learn more about our stump removal services.